Benefits of Having Marble in Your Home

What is Marble?

Marble is created from pressurized limestone and receives its beautiful colours and streaks from the minerals under the earth’s crust. Compared to other materials such as Granite, Marble is softer making it better for use in the bathroom and for fireplaces.

Eternal Colours

Marble stone products have a distinct look. The tonality of marble remains the same over time especially when used in interiors. If you want to maintain its natural gloss, it will only require a polish every now and then. This means, over time, you can bring it’s finishes back to life with one simple polish. It will be looking as radiant as it did on the very first day. Marble is also resistant to UV radiation meaning it will keep its color longer. Your marble will be looking like the day it was installed for longer than many other materials.

Resistant to High Temps

During warmer temperatures and in places where heat is present, marble can withstand the pressure. This means you won’t have to replace your marble as frequently as you would other materials whether you use them for floors or countertops. Marble stone products are dense which means they absorb heat and stay cool – a plus when used as flooring because you won’t feel any of the excess heat on your feet.

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Where is the Best Place to Have Marble in Your Home and Why?

Marble stone tile is a popular choice when it comes to kitchens. The surface offers a classy look from your kitchen countertop to your dining room floor. You’ll be impressing your guests and utilizing a material that is versatile in many ways.

Another useful place for marble is the bathroom. Whether you use it for your countertop, flooring, or as a shower surround; one of the best reasons to choose marble is the longevity. Marble lasts longer than many other materials meaning it can withstand the pressure of daily life. The bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in the home, so it should look good and last a long time.

Hallways are often overlooked when redesigning the home. When you add marble stone tile flooring to hallways, you’ll change them from being just a pathway between rooms to a part of your home’s overall design. Not to mention, adding marble tile to your hallways will bring the entire look of your house together when it is used in other spaces.

If you’re ready to upgrade your space with marble stone products, contact us. We have an excellent selection of marble to choose from. We take pride in our products and each must meet our high standards of excellence.

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